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Алан Лайтман
Then there are those who think that their bodies don 't exist. They live by mechanical time. They rise at seven o 'clock in the morning. They eat their lunch at noon and their supper at six. They arrive at their appointments on time, precisely by the clock. They make love between eight and ten at night. They work forty hours a week, read the Sunday paper on Sunday, play chess on Tuesday nights. When their stomach growls, they look at their watch to see if it is time to eat. When they begin to lose themselves in a concert, they look at the clock above the stage to see when it will be time to go home. They know that the body is not a thing of wild magic, but a collection of chemicals, tissues, and nerve impulses. - Цитаты из произведений

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«Молодые люди более склонны изобретать что-то, чем судить о чем-то, осуществлять, чем советовать, носиться с разными проектами, чем заниматься определенным делом.»

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